Mullen's Lane/Olcott Square Improvements, Bernardsville Borough

Mullen's Lane is a local road that serves as a connecting link between Route 202 (via Childs Road) and Old Army Road. Both Mullen's Lane and Old Army Road are considered collector streets in the Borough of Bernardsville. There is a considerable amount of traffic utilizing this local street, which includes both commuter traffic and traffic destined to Bernards High School and the Bedwell Elementary School.

The project included the installation of granite block curb along both sides of the entire length of the roadway. The project also included the installation of a concrete sidewalk along one side of the road from Childs Road to Childsworth Avenue. This sidewalk provides an important link to residential streets that connect to Olcott Avenue for the 200 students who live in the vicinity. The project also included the reconstruction of failed sections of roadway, minor adjustments to the storm drains and resurfacing.